• Comply with the quality standards of insurance companies and assembly plants
  • Create a national chain of automotive paint stores for product distribution and color matching
  • Installation of equalization and assortment centers within high consumption workshops to speed up the services.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through fast and effective service. Providing quality products and services at a competitive rate.

Our focus is to continue evolving to maintain continuous growth in the color matching market and maintaining our leadership through the quality of the products and services we offer our customers.

To achieve our objectives we need to be profitable and to do so, we integrate a team of collaborators with the best technical experience to help our clients to be more successful. With BASF’s products and its advanced technology, we will be able to satisfy an automotive industry that grows at a great pace and, day by day, is becoming more technologically complex and more regulated.

ROTO AUTO GLASS AND PAINT, has a commitment and a vision of added value with its customers that through the supply of their products and according to their specific needs we provide the opportunity to have advice in the field, through our technicians duly trained to the solution of problems in the workshop, and contributing the knowledge of continuous improvement processes in your business.

Matched Color

  • Provide workshops with an automotive paint system designed to increase productivity by providing the optimal combination of speed, ease of use and superior results.
  • Training in the use of the product and good practices of the workshop.

Roto distributes the lines for automotive repainting of BASF:

  • RM
  • Diamomt
  • Limco
  • Onyx
  • Glasurit

ROTO also distributes the entire 3M product line of the Automotive Division:

  • Sanding systems
  • Polishing systems
  • Masked
  • Backgrounds and mastics
  • All 3M brand peripheral products:
    • Abrasives system
    • Tapes and adhesives for cars
    • Paint preparation system
    • Repair systems for plastic parts